Save Paddling in Kahului Harbor

See what’s up at Find out about the impacts of Cruise Ships, the Superferry on our State.
Latest news: County of Maui has joined the lawsuit for better Kahului Harbor Planning.

Cruise ships hogging our pier! 43% of increased dock space for the next 10 years is going to NCL – that’s more than all our freight carriers combined. Our freighters will be forced to wait offshore while NCL’s giant floating hotels (who don’t pay any transient taxes to us, whose pitifully small wharfage fees don’t cover the expenses of docking) will be hogging the piers for 35 hours at a time SIX (6) days a week.

Maui Groups asking the courts to make Superferry do an EIS so they can tell us what their solutions to the Pu’unene/Ka’ahumanu traffic, Young Brothers and Canoe clubs have been turned down.  Superferry CEO, Garibaldi, claims that they’ll come up with solutions later.  Since the ferry is slated for operation in a fewmonths, this claim seems a bit,